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buX is Brac University’s online learning platform. All online courses are housed on buX. This includes lecture videos, documents, discussion boards and assignments. Students will access their courses through buX and all faculty will post their course materials on buX. Online learning is not meant to substitute for in class learning. But, in the period when physical classes are not possible, buX will try to give as close to a live-class experience as possible. Student discussions on buX will occur through discussion boards, interactive assignments and online office hours. The main philosophy of buX is to enable students to learn wherever they are, whatever their internet connectivity is, and to make learning interactive and lively.

VC's Message

At Brac University, our goal is to make learning as student-centric as possible. We consider our online teaching and learning platform, buX, a core university capability that will enrich your learning. We model buX after edX used by both MIT and Harvard. It enables you to watch lectures offline, stay engaged with your courses, and have quality assessments that take into account variations in internet connectivity. Even when in-person classes resume, online learning will remain a core part of Brac University education. I now ask you for your patience in enduring the initial possible glitches of the new system. I assure you that buX will stay and continue improving. I believe that you will find that buX will make your learning experience rewarding.

Support for buX

For any problems or issues faced while using the website, you can contact us at

You will have to use your gsuite account to access the document

The class will be made up of lecture videos, which are broken down into small parts. Each part will be approximately 5-10 minutes. After each lecture piece, you may be given a question or a task to assess what you understood.

Read the about section of the course page to learn more about the motivation, goals, and course content.

Each course is prerecorded, modified and managed by the instructor(s). The basic components of the courses include lecture videos, text, slides etc. In addition, instructors may add practice questions, assignments and exercises, as a way to assess and evaluate what you learnt.Please note that some of the assignments may have very strict deadlines.

No, you can watch it anytime you want.

It depends on your course instructor and the course you are enrolled in.

Your dashboard gives access to courses you are enrolled in, course start and end dates.

If you know the title or topic of the course, you can directly use the search bar on the homepage to find the preferred courses. On the other hand, if the title is unknown, you can browse through departments or programs to find your desired course.

This may vary for each course.

Assignments are generally due after completing a particular topic. To help you manage your time, there might be some strict deadlines for assignments.

Visit the following link given below to know more about how to use the website. Edx Course demo