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CSE419 Course Content Course Title: Programming Languages Coordinator: Shaily Roy 1) Introduction to problem Solving a) What is Problem Solving b) Why do we need it c) How to solve a problem in online judge d) What is Online Judge verdict 2) Introduction to CPP a) CPP basic i) Why CPP is important ii) Basic Cpp library, variable and data type iii) Operators and operations iv) CPP IDE b) Cpp Input and Output i) cin, cout ii) Scanf/ printf c) CPP Condition and Iteration i) If, else if conditions ii) For/while Iteration iii) Problem solving using conditions and loops iv) Time Complexity d) String i) String formatting ii) String reverse iii) StringStream e) Related Problem Solving 3) CPP Standard Library Template(STL) a) Array: Declaration, assignment of value, search, sort, iteration, reverse b) Map: Declaration, assignment of value, search, sort, iteration, reverse c) Vector: Declaration, assignment of value, search, sort, iteration, reverse d) Stack: Declaration, assignment of value, iteration e) Queue: Declaration, assignment of value, iteration f) Priority Queue: Declaration, assignment of value, iteration g) Related Problem Solving and adhoc problem tricks 4) CPP Functional Programming a) Function i) What is Functional Programming ii) Defining Functions iii) Return Types iv) Parameter v) Why do we need it b) Structural Programming i) How to declare Struct ii) When do we use it c) Related Problem Solving 5) Searching a) Linear Search and time complexity b) Binary Search i) Lower_bound ii) Upper_bound iii) Time complexity c) Related Problem Solving 6) Number Theory a) What is Prime numbers b) Prime Sieve i) Prime generate with simulation with complexity analysis c) Prime Factorization i) Simulation with complexity analysis d) Greatest Common Divisor e) Least Common Multiple f) Trailing zero g) Related Problem Solving 7) Geometry a) Short techniques of Geometry Problem solving 8) Game Theory a) Basic game theory i) Simulation and explanation b) Nim Game theory i) Problem solving 9) Recursion a) Fibonacci number simulation b) Related basic problem solving 10) Dynamic programming (DP) a) Why DP is important b) Converting recursion to DP 11) CPP Pointer 12) CPP Object oriented programming a) What is CPP OOP b) Creating class and objects i) Class declaration and access specifiers ii) Single Objects iii) Multiple Objects iv) Constructor c) Methods i) Parameters ii) Method overloading d) Encapsulation e) Inheritance
Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

This course is an introduction to the principles of functional, imperative, and logic programming languages. Topics that will be covered include international online judge problems related to adhoc, maths, geometry and data manipulation, number Theory, game theory, Programming efficiency, Time and Space Complexity, Recursion, programming language topics and Object oriented concepts using multiple appropriate programming languages like java and C++..


Basic knowledge of logical programming and basic concept on Object oriented programming and must have Love for programming

Course Staff

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Shaily Roy

Shaily Roy is working as a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Brac University from May, 2019. She has completed her undergraduate in Dec, 2018 from the same department with highest Distinction. Previously she was appointed as a lecturer in the Department of Software Engineering in Daffodil International University. She performed as a student tutor of CSE and Mathematics in Brac University for more than 2 years. She was also a programming contestant with multiple national recognitions and arranged multiple intra university programming contests as well as programming workshops in Brac University along with other contestants and BUCC during her student life. Before graduation, she was also an instructor in an institution where students were taught hardware implementation of programming. Besides, she has experience of working as a software engineer in a USA based company. She is a researcher as well and has successfully presented her work in a well-known international Conference. After joining Brac University, she has designed and introduced a totally new elective course "CSE419: Programming Languages" in the department of CSE.

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