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Medicinal chemistry II

About Biostatistics

Biostatistics is the application of statistics to the biological entity. The significance of statistics as the whole lies in the fact that it provides a framework for asking a question and arriving at answers never found before. It provides a parameter to gauge the veracity of the answers that we may arrive at. It would provide the students with tools that they will be able to use in their research or academic or professional setting.


Students must pass Fundamentals of Mathematics (MAT 101) with a satisfactory grade before taking this course.

Learning Objectives 

  • Identify the importance of statistical analysis in decision making and research.
  • Explain the basic concepts in statistics.
  • Analyze data sets and draw valid conclusions.
  • Evaluate results of surveys and experiments in the health science literature.
  • Develop testable hypotheses for appropriate observational/experimental studies.
  • Construct a concise and accurate summary of statistical analysis.

Course Instructors

This course will be taken by Easin Uddin Syed (section 1 & 2) and Namara Mariam Chowdhury (section 3) in Summer 2020 semester.

Course Staff Image #1

Easin Uddin Syed

Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy

Course Staff Image #1

Namara Mariam Chowdhury

Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy

Course Readings

  1. Statistics for Business and Economics. D. R. Anderson, D. J. Sweeney, and T. A. Williams. South-Western.
  2. Biostatistics – A Foundation for Analysis in the Health Sciences. Wayne W. Daniel. Wiley