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Demo Course Shaiya

The main focus of the course is to evaluate and bring out the goodness or badness of voluntary human behavior in the context of local and global cultural milieu. Students will be familiarized with the dominating ethical theories of morality in such a way so as to be prepared intellectually and morally to handle the pressing ethical issues of practical life. Case studies, critical analysis, and investigation of local and global issues, will make students aware of the complex understanding of ethical dilemmas.

About This Course

The core aim of the course is to develop moral ideas of some influential philosophers from the ancient times through the modern and up to the contemporary period. Particular emphasis is given to the ideas of philosophers like Aristotle, Confucius, Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, Immanuel Kant, John Rawls and Aldo Leopold. The course is divided into the following three parts: 1. Personal Development 2. Normative Ethical Theories and Moral Education 3. The Practical Issues of Morality

The main objectives of the course are to: provide a general introduction to ethics, culture and morality describe a historical perspective of ethics, analyze the basic concepts and theories of ethics develop the understanding of ethical dilemmas and to formulate defensible solutions to the dilemmas examine different moral theories and their applications to a variety of important moral issues through moral education. The course will try to address the contemporary ethical issues and debates in world and develop better understanding of the rightness and wrongness of human action.


• Students are required to watch all video lectures and read the recommended handouts in order to complete the weekly tasks successfully.

• Completion of weekly tasks (worksheets) is mandatory.

• Students are expected to meet the deadlines.

• Mandatory participation in discussion sessions with the respective faculty is strongly advised.

• Students should regularly check announcements and keep participation ensured by online presence.

Course faculty

MD. Sayeedul Islam Khan

Senior Lecturer

Ms. Rudmila Mahbub


Ms. Saudia Islam


Mr. Mostafizur Rahman


Ms. Shaiya Binte Mahbub


Ms. Tanjin Afrose


Ms. Adiba Sultana


Mr. Mehedi Hasan


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