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Demo Course Farina_FAH

The English Fundamentals (ENG 101) course covers four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) of English language required for students’ basic academic and professional needs. The contents aim at fostering students’ communication, presentation, critical thinking and basic technical specification skills. Course Aims and Outcomes: Upon Successful completion of the course, students will be able to: interpret academic reading materials by applying intensive reading skills analyze reading materials intensively, take a stance and justify their point of view with logical explanation and ground develop and organize relevant ideas construct basic academic compositions demonstrate presentation skills produce individual and group projects identify, record and recall main ideas from lectures and texts demonstrate basic technological skills for academic presentation and assignment employ critical thinking skills in a process of reasoning and making a justifiable decision or conclusion Format and Procedures: Students will maintain a portfolio for the course where they will preserve their class-work and homework for the whole semester. For the two group presentations average marks will be taken. Marks will be given individually for the group presentations. Marks will be deducted for late submission of all given assignments. No change will be permitted in the Final Presentation schedule. If any student fails to sit for Writing Final Exam, she/he will get an “F” in the final grade. Alternative Assessment: Alternative Assessment, according to existing literature, emphasizes both on process and product of learning. It aims at developing learners’ high level thinking and problem-solving skills. Using real world contexts, it involves students to perform, create, produce, or do something which are worthwhile as instructional activities. Some examples of alternative assessments include student portfolios, group work, peer feedback, reflective journals and other activities.