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Introduction to Economics: Reflections on the Scope and Limits of Economics as a Social Science

This course is designed to present a general overview of the structure of the economy, highlighting how scarce resources are allocated among competing uses, and how, what is produced is distributed to different groups. The course will analyze macroeconomic problems of inflation, unemployment and market failures leading to economic crises. It will also attempt to understand the ideological basis of economic theory through an examination of the contributions of the classical, neo-classical and radical economists. Finally, the course will situate capitalism as a specific economic system to understand policy making on class and inequality, poverty and development, environmental problems and climate change and reflect on the limits of Economics as a Social Scinece. Classes will be interactive with lectures, discussions, and group work. No previous coursework is necessary but a healthy interest in understanding and critiquing the workings of the economic system is required.

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