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Enrollment is Closed

Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

Entrepreneurs including their managers are required to have adequate knowledge of all the relevant laws that are associated with the environment of business to ensure proper functioning and success of their business enterprises. No matter what discipline a business student selects as a major field of study, he/she will obviously encounter many legal issues during his or her professional life. A substantial number of those issues will undoubtedly fall within the areas covered in this course. We also should appreciate that business students are not law students, therefore, have different needs. What do the business students need to learn about the law? Is it at all required that they should be thrown into jargons of the language of ‘Sections’ and ‘Articles’ of law, or expect to have an in-depth understanding of the same as a lawyer or law student? In fact, business students should be required to make intelligent business decisions with law in mind. They also must be able to recognize when a legal issue is involved and confront it intelligently in the decision-making processes of the business.

The purpose of this course is to make the myriad law topics comprehensible to beginners- sophomores by using plain language, relevant and realistic examples with pertinent cases. Thus, the course is intended to study the basic concepts and theories of laws associated with business environment with greater emphasis on practical aspects. While we do not intend to familiarize students with all the technical intricacies of the law, we do hope to stimulate their interest in those intricacies and to make them aware of how the law affects their lives. Therefore, the course will help students understand their legal rights and responsibilities by backing up the legal explanations with numerous hypothetical case problems and examples that deal with common business situations. We would concentrate largely to business topics rather than perusing the legal principals in depth. Thus, the approach is to balance between ‘theory and practice’ emphasizing usefulness of the law in making business decisions.

Students would be provided with exhaustive instruction materials in the form of concise notes on the course along with hypothetical problems on basic legal concepts and theories of Business Laws so that the same may be exercised by the students in order to encourage brainstorming and foster legal acumen amongst the students to accomplish excellence. It is expected, students will be attending their virtual classes (including zoom classes) in time and participate accordingly while maintaining their behavior pattern with the instructor and make the class a participatory one.


Students must have adequate knowledge of Business Organization, Business Management etc.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

K Shamsuddin Mahmood

Professor and Dean

School of Law

Brac University

Course Staff Image #2

Tahmid Rafi


CSE, Brac University

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Enrollment is Closed