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Operations Planning and Control (BBS)
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MSC 427: An approach to the methods of planning and controlling resources to achieve SCM and operational goals.
Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

The methods of planning of materials and other resources, and approaches to control so that organizations can achieve their goal (s). As the resources flow within the functions of an organization so there are different decisions and plans in functions. Objectives of the course are to make plans for different level of management, and to take approaches of control to achieve the goal. Topics include OPC in supply chain; demand and demand management; demand fulfilment in different environment of product and business; production planning; materials requirement planning (MRP); enterprise resources planning (ERP); capacity planning; master production scheduling; Location Planning; just-in-time production planning; and Project planning and control

Learning Objectives

1. Understand operations planning processes and controlling procedures while implementing plans from a general management perspective.
2. Learn tools, methods, analytical frameworks and general principles for making good operations plans and well control of resources, system & processes and finance to get desired output.
3. Use of ICT to make good operational plans and to develop effective controlling procedures
4. Enhance communication and feedback system and team work skills

Intended Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the students should be able to:

1. Understand the importance of operations plan in a business organization. Identify and articulate how to develop an operational plan to achieve the goal(s).
2. Identify demand of the products and make plan to fulfil the demand. Get clear ideas about the necessary resources, use of the resources and define clearly the most critical resources.
3. Set operational/work plans by ensuring appropriate systems and structures. Appraise and apply forecasting methods as the basis of management’s planning and control activity.
4. Set performance indicators and find ways to measure progress. Implement the operational plan and identify how to control operations
5. Evaluate approaches to problem solving and process improvement in production settings.


Prerequisite Course: MSC 301

Course Instructors

Course Staff Image #1

Hasan Maksud Chowdhury

Assistant Professor
Brac Business School

After completing B. Sc in chemical engineering at BUET Hasan Maksud Chowdhury did MBA from IBA, university of Dhaka. Then he joined BOC Bangladesh ltd, a multinational organization. He worked there for about 6 years as market development officer and market development manager. In 2001 he left BOC and joined MCL (3M) Gas and Chemicals as chief executive officer. He worked at MCL for about 4 years. Then he changed my full time career as university teacher and joined AIUB in 2005 as faculty of business administration. He worked in AIUB as assistant professor for about 9 years. In September 2015 Mr. Chowdhury has joined in Brac Business School of BRAC University as assistant professor.

Enrollment is Closed