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Resource and Environmental Economics
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Economic toolkits for environmental management; Economists’ articulation of environmental problems, corresponding analytical tools and their implications for public policy; The economy and the environment; Economic development and the environment; Economics rural-urban resource flows of their implications for human settlements, inequalities, environment; and public policy; Environmental management measures for influencing human behavior towards sustainable development; Natural resource management; Biodiversity Conservation; Economic causes of deforestation; Classification environmental management policy instruments and policy use design for environmental protection and management; Environmental sustainability and SDGs.
Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

The purpose of the course is to use economic theories and concepts for analyzing resource depletion and environmental degradation that have become widespread throughout the world and more so in Bangladesh. The course shows how human activities in general and the process of economic growth in particular have been affecting land, water, air, and forest. The on-going process has been pursued without taking into account the ecological resource, carrying capacity and the need of preserving biodiversity. All this has now come into near irreversible state. As a result, human survival not only in this small land of Bangladesh is at stake but it is the case for the planet as a whole. Yet, human mind is not about giving in. This course is an example of exploring ways and means to contribute in protecting environmental and ecological resources and reversing their mindless destruction by making use of economic logic and insights based public policy and actions.


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