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Production-Operations Management
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This course is designed to introduce the students of the program to the fundamentals of Production Management. Due to intensifications in the global market competition, increased the need for competitive modern production and manufacturing system that can provide quality products to their target markets. This course addresses various functional areas of Production and Operation, and would facilitate students with the tools/techniques used in making optimal decision in operations management.
Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

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Lectures will be delivered using electronic resources. Critical points and mathematical expressions will be explained during discussion time. Example problems will be discussed and solved and shown by power point slides. Main calculations of solutions to problems will be explained. There will be practice classes on solutions to example problems. In every lecture main points of the previous lecture will be discussed. Students are asked to raise their points for clarification of the topic taught. Students will have to solve several assignment problems and feedback on their solutions will be provided. There will be a group/research project on a relevant topic. There will be group students’ presentation and report submission on the project topic.


1. Understand the dynamics of operations strategy, the concepts of process selection, process improvement, facility layout and be able to apply their earned knowledge in practice.
2. Understand the various techniques of forecasting and be able to apply them properly in practice.
3. Understand the basic concept of inventory management, various techniques used to different kinds of inventory management.
4. Understand the importance of quality management and statistical process control and different techniques of quality control.
5. Understand the basic concept of project management and available techniques applied to project management.
6. Understand the fundamental concept of waiting line management and various methods used in waiting line decision making.

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to:
1. Analyse the existing facility layout, operations strategy and improve them following necessities of an organization or to think for development of new ones.
2. Forecast demand of a product, building up capacity for producing the product following the forecasted demand, and determine optimal batch size to meet the demand by keeping minimum total of the costs concerned.
3. Apply deterministic and probabilistic techniques of project management.
4. Control the quality of a product or a service by employing different kinds of quality control techniques.
5. Determine optimal waiting time of customers and optimal service time of servers for proper management of waiting lines.


MAT 201 (Mathematics for Business and Economics) ECO 202 (Statistics for Business and Economics) MGT211 (Principles of Management)

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Professor Dr Md Abdul Hoque

Ph. D. & M. Sc. in Management Science from Lancaster University Management School and M. Sc. & B. Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics from Dhaka University.
Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management, BRAC Business School of BRAC University
Around 40 years of teaching experience both at home and abroad
Author of many research articles published in reputed peer reviewed international journals.

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Enrollment is Closed